Selection of the texture pattern of each surface of your part file is one of the most exciting parts of finalizing your mold and part design.  Evok knows the benefits of these details and pushes for peer review for fine texture patterns so your final part will surface as the gem you envision!

Understand that surfaces parallel to the parting line are easy candidates for heavy texture, whereas surfaces perpendicular to the parting line (where the minimum draft is used) can be limiting.  Note that on all of our texture panels below we specify a minimum draft angle.  This is intended to help you understand what surfaces on your part are acceptable for the depth of the texture you want.  The example on the right shows a minimum draft angle of .5 degrees, understanding where the parting line is located and what texture is acceptable is all part of the tradeoffs we consider when working with you.   Let us review your file and together we will decide what texture is acceptable without cosmetic or processing surface drag risk!