After 25 years of working together, Evok has merged with world-renowned Industrial Design firm Studio Weber and Associates.


Sr. Sales Engineer and Founder

Paul Dathe has a passion for helping people with the manufacturing of plastic parts. He founded Evōk Polymers to supply customers with the highest quality injection molded components at the lowest possible price, using proprietary technology, deep industry knowledge, and white-glove customer service. Paul has over 25 years of experience in engineering, product design, sales, with a specialization in solving problems in injection molding custom plastic components.  Paul is committed to developing long term trust-based internal and external relationships that build brands and business success.  Paul is dedicated to helping you on developing multi-channel sales strategies that achieve explosive growth, great bottom-line margins, and customer satisfaction.

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Partner and Founder

Jeff is an award-winning product designer dedicated to improving the human condition by designing products that enhance people’s lives.

Jeff Weber is an industrial designer and principal at SWA and Evok. While his interest in design can be attributed to his grandfather, a visual artist and midcentury adman, who inspired him to think creatively and stay open to the unknown, it was Jeff’s work with Bill Stumpf that set his career in motion.

In 1989, Jeff got the opportunity of a lifetime: an apprenticeship with Bill, a pioneer in ergonomic seating. The two worked together on the Aeron, a chair for Herman Miller that would later become part of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

A few years later, Jeff and Bill founded Stumpf, Weber + Associates, where the pair collaborated on a number of award-winning projects together. Like Bill, Jeff draws his inspiration for design from how people live their lives. It’s informed his work in everything from wearable technology to cutting-edge healthcare.

  • Best of NeoCon Silver, Ergonomic Desk/Task Seating, for Embody, 2009
  • Best of NeoCon Gold, for Caper, 1999
  • Best of IIDEX/NeoCon Canada, for Caper, 1999


Sr. Industrial Designer

Jason, a graduate of Industrial Design from the University of Wisconsin Stout, has made a lasting impact on the design world with his innovative work. His portfolio shines with the creation of product lines like Ehospace enhancement for Herman Miller, postures fit for the Aeron chair, Avive table group, Caper Chair, Embody Chair, Mobi Legs, and numerous other projects he cant tell you about.

Passionate about integrating design into American popular culture, Jason actively follows trends in sustainable design and its practical applications. His design journey began as an intern in 1998, evolving over the years with Studio Weber. Working alongside industry legends like the late William Stumpf and Jeff Weber for over 25 years has profoundly shaped Jason’s personal and professional growth.

Continuing to seek out new partnerships marked by intentionality and creativity, Jason finds fulfillment beyond his professional endeavors within a multi-generational household. Living with his wife, two sons, and mother, nurtures his innate empathy, influencing his design approach as he keenly observes human behavior.  In his leisure time, Jason enjoys indulging in his passions for cooking, gaming, and unwinding.


Sr. Industrial Designer

Shawn is ever curious and has been a vital creative force on some of the most advanced seating projects of the last two decades. He is particularly adept at graphically and physically communicating evolving design concepts and part features, he does this by building complex mechanical and visual prototypes in a variety of materials. He creates photorealistic renderings for clients in Otoy OctaneRender® and develops layouts, diagrams and logos with the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Shawn has been instrumental in finding mechanical molded part solutions that can be prototyped and confirmed prior to going to tooling.  His involvement on pre-molding design reviews has reduced risk in many recent large scale projects.  Shawn holds several patents and has conducted research on all sorts of projects that range from consumer lawn mower products to biotech and medical facilities. Outside of work, he practices photography and is often found enjoying the vibrant Twin Cities live music scene.


Business Development Manager

Daniel’s expertise in system and process design, coupled with his ability to cultivate strategic partnerships, sets him apart in the industry. His passion for innovation and collaboration shines through in his work, as he is dedicated to creating Lean Partnership-Based Organizations that empower small and mid-sized businesses. At Evok, he leads initiatives that challenge traditional norms in part design, prototyping, tooling, and injection mold part manufacturing. His vision goes beyond disruption; he aims to build a community centered on continuous improvement, mutual benefit, and genuine partnership. Evok’s commitment to transforming industry standards aligns perfectly with Daniel’s drive for sustainable growth and innovation. Under his leadership, Evok is not only changing the game but also establishing a new benchmark for collaborative success.  Daniel’s proficiency as a facilitator, public speaker, teacher, and coach, combined with his talent for team building and mentorship, makes him an indispensable member of the Evok team.


Operations Officer – LIV

Natalie, a dedicated apprentice in product design and management, embodies the harmonious blend of creativity and sustainability. Possessing an innate curiosity and a discerning eye for innovation, she tirelessly explores the junctures where design converges with environmental consciousness.

Having been immersed in intangible design principles since childhood, Natalie grasps the profound impact products can wield on the planet. This early awareness, coupled with her education in sustainability, propels her commitment to infusing eco-consciousness into every facet of her work.  Under the guidance of her father and seasoned professionals, Natalie delves deeply into the intricacies of product design, eagerly absorbing knowledge. She investigates a myriad of materials, manufacturing techniques, and technologies, always mindful of their ecological footprint.

Natalie’s journey extends far beyond the creation of aesthetically pleasing objects; she aspires to shape a future where design seamlessly intertwines with sustainability, leaving a positive legacy for generations to come.


Accounting and Finance Manager

Julie has been with Evok since its inception. As an experienced bookkeeper, She bring meticulous attention to detail with a thorough understanding of financial principles to efficiently manage and maintain accurate financial records for the Evok business. With a background in accounting and a keen eye for numbers, Julie excels in organizing and categorizing transactions, reconciling accounts, and producing clear and concise financial reports.  Julie’s proficiency in accounting software ensures streamlined processes and timely delivery of financial information, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. Committed to professionalism and confidentiality, She is dedicated to providing reliable bookkeeping services that support the financial health and success of our team and customers.  Julie make sure all vendors get paid on time.

Paul Dathe has a passion of helping people with manufacturing of plastic parts. He founded Evōk Polymers with the goal of supplying customers with the highest quality injection molded components at the lowest possible price, using proprietary technology, deep industry knowledge, and white-glove customer service. Paul has over 25 years of experience in engineering, product design, sales, with a specialization in solving problems in injection molding custom plastic components.

Prior to founding Evok, Paul led new product development for Caliber Products, an industry leader in powersports, where he designed, developed, and launched 13 new products. He grew sales 540% and customers from 25 to 144 with 100% client retention. He led tooling, functional assessments, proof of concepts, 3D modelling, prototype fabrication, testing qualifications, tolerance analysis, and mold flow studies of all new products.

Previously, Paul served as senior mechanical engineer for Entegris, where he was responsible for a $40 million product line of ultra clean liquid delivery systems used in semiconductor and flat panel TV high purity chemical applications. Paul began his career at Rollerblade as a design and prototype engineer before serving as senior packaging and prototype engineer at General
Mills and Boston Scientific.

Paul holds four U.S. utility patents, is a Six Sigma black belt, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Design from Bemidji State University with an emphasis in rapid prototyping and 3D computer modelling. He is a member of Allied Executives Business Leadership Peer group and the Institute of Packaging Professionals.