Evok strives for best-in-class customer service when it comes to working intimately with you on the scope and details surrounding Design and Development.  We know the final solutions  (part quality, performance and price) are what you need to win in the marketplace.   If your goal is to win market share, and constantly provide innovative parts to your brand, you have come to the right place.  We share your passion and will be with you along the journey!  At any stage of your products development, lean on us to guide you and get your parts to successful market delivery. We are a team of problem solvers that strive to find optimal design features and part performance. 


  • We work hand in hand with you to negotiate the tolerances and understand the expectations that can be achieved with your molded parts.
  • All Critical dimensions will carry 30 inspection points per cavity
  • All Non-Critical dimensions will carry 5 inspection points per cavity

Data can then be given to understand and modifications in the tool to get you where you need to feel comfortable with dimensions.  Desired Cp and Cpk will help us understand any variation in the process before the process is locked down. Success is achieved through team efforts in reviewing your first article results!

Price Value:

Our Team sees things differently than most injection mold houses and that is why we are different. We passionately look at itemizing and prioritizing cost structure related to your manufactured part knowing all the tradeoffs during the critical decision points of the process. This is our wheelhouse and we love helping OEM’s like you in this areana!

Our business strives on getting you into a low-cost production tool while minimizing cycle time with consideration of performance and cosmetics. We are very upfront with our costs so you can contribute to the optimized design. We are very forward to how your part will be priced based on a few simple parameters.


Molding Trial report is one of the most important steps in the qualification of your part. Keep in mind all these factors play into getting you to the perfect part for your application. T1 Samples will be evaluated prior to Texturing and will show 90% of how the part will mold. At this time adjustments are commonly made to the mold and process including but not limited to Gate sizing, Vent sizing, and location, wall thickness modification to minimize sink and match plating to minimize any flash.

At this time Process parameters are also monitored very closely to understand how fast the mold fills, where any knit lines end up with respect to the original mold flow analysis. Zone temperatures, and of course cycle time are needed to complete the process for an acceptable part and its impact on the financial metrics.

Rely on us to find the right tool to solve your analytical problem. Those motivated and Skilled in the art of problem solving will give you confidence.


Reach out to us and get full access to our Polyestimator!

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