Evok takes a deep look at this step with automated digital tools.  We apply mold flow analysis so we can get a good estimation of expectations from your molded part.  Although these simulators are not perfect, we can use the tool to help us modify the design in a number of awesome ways!  


Molding Trial report is one of the most important steps in the qualification of your part. Keep in mind all these factors play into getting you to the perfect part for your application. T1 Samples will be evaluated prior to Texturing and will show 90% of how the part will mold. At this time adjustments are commonly made to the mold and process including but not limited to Gate sizing, Vent sizing, and location, wall thickness modification to minimize sink and match plating to minimize any flash.

At this time Process parameters are also monitored very closely to understand how fast the mold fills, where any knit lines end up with respect to the original mold flow analysis. Zone temperatures, and of course cycle time are needed to complete the process for an acceptable part and its impact on the financial metrics.

Rely on us to find the right tool to solve your analytical problem. Those motivated and Skilled in the art of problem solving will give you confidence.


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